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These sensory memories then travel to the Neo-Cortex, the thinking brain, before they’re translated into long term memory… So far so good!

However, if an event  is perceived as traumatic, highly emotional, the communication between the Amygdala and the thinking brain is barred. The trauma remains trapped in the Amygdala where it is now imprinted (with all its information) as a template for future reference.

Because memories are stored associatively, the next event which feels similar  will link up to that new template.

Every time there is a match (or part match) of  some of the stimuli of the original trauma, the amygdala fires off the Fight or Flight response.

All this is done at the unconscious level (it does not involve the thinking brain) which is why you end up in a state of alarm without knowing why.

All this stored traumatic information is isolated in its own neural network, a constantly expanding cluster of similar experiences. If an incoming information does not match what’s already in the template, it cannot link with that neural network, it just does not fit:

No new learning can take place:

Conventional therapy attempts, self help efforts etc cannot get through, as the neural network they originate from, does not communicate with the trauma network.  

You just know you should not feel the way you do but you can’t do anything about it.

You need to move the memory out of Amygdala into the  Neo-Cortex and into long term memory, where it may remain a ‘bad’ memory but not one that is constantly triggering the Alarm response.

So, how do you do that?!

Through activating Rapid Eye Movement or REM state.

To artificially access REM state (via bi-lateral stimulation) allows us to break old clusters of information, instil  new learning and new healthier templates.

Eye Pattern Desensitisation also keeps awareness focused in the present.

This disassociated state lowers emotional arousal (disengages Amygdala) so the neo-cortex can get activated. This means the thinking brain can now recode the event in the past and  realise that the present situation is no longer a threat.

The other solutions I offer are based on the fact that: ‘Our Mind is all over our body, not just in our brain’

If we think we can’t deal with emotions then we might repress them...but ‘buried’ emotions are still within us!

We store the trauma’ in our body. (Trauma can just mean the unresolved feeling) and then symptoms appear!

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The Amygdala is situated in the emotional part of the brain, the limbic system. It is our brain’s alarm system. It scans the environment for potential threats and compares what it sees, hears, feels, tastes with its own ‘survival templates’. It tries to pattern match external stimuli with what is already in its data base and check whether it is safe or not.

To understand Traumas & Post Traumatic Stress disorder/PTSD, you need to understand the role played by a part of the brain called the Amygdala.

Then you will realise that there is a solution: You can ‘Unlock your mind & break free

EFT- The Tapping Technique

Energy Re-Balancing

Visualisation- Hypnosis-NLP

Acupressure Massage

‘Memories are only memories to the Conscious Mind. To the Unconscious, they are current events’ Traumas-PTSD