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Welcome Fears & Phobias Traumas-PTSD

Whether you know why you feel that way or not.

One off event or on going traumas

Do you need help? Panic Attacks

Extreme stress reactions,

Fear of the fear...

Traumas. PTSD

Some of the tools I use are less known than others but remember what Einstein once said:

“To do the same things over & over and expect different results is a sign of madness!”

So, if other solutions haven't helped, isn’t it time you tried  something different?

Abuse- Agressions  Panic Attacks

Flashbacks, nightmares, unresolved issues

Eye Pattern Desensitisation

EFT- The Tapping Technique

Energy Re-Balancing

Visualisation- Hypnosis-NLP

Acupressure Massage

My name is Christine Pirrie. I am a Psychotherapist ...with a difference:

We are very complex beings and we respond to life situations in different ways.

This is why I offer a variety of tools to fit the individual.

Fears & Phobias Traumas. PTSD

Christine Pirrie Author

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Traumas. PTSD